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We create flavours that bring taste sensations and value to our customers.
Food Base offers flavours in liquid, powder, spray dried forms, synthetic or natural variants, with or without additional colouring.


Essential oils

We supply essential oils for the beauty industry as main ingredients of personal care products and for the feed industry as feed additives in animal nutrition.



We offer colouring agents, spice oleoresins and tinctures for excellent means to add natural concentrated flavours and food ingredients to many food and beverage.


About Food Base

Since 2004, the Hungarian family enterprise has been dedicated to the production of flavours, essential oils and herbal extracts.

We are proud of having loyal partnerships and excellent service to every customer. We believe it is our duty to supply high quality products. We apply our creativity in exploring new tastes to improve consumer appeal.

We only sell our
products to companies.

We serve domestic and
export markets.

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