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Our passion is to create and deliver flavours that give consumers a sense of taste and value.

Flavour development is partly a science, and partly an art, with an understanding of your preferences, our flavourists are ready to create new flavours so that you, as a manufacturing company, can launch successful products.

We offer liquid and powder formats. Liquids are typically made by dissolving natural or synthetic compounds in a solvent, according to the formulation and mixed in different containers. Powders are created by blending the compounds onto a carrier or by means of spray-dry technology where flavours compounds, through atomization, are encapsulated inside the carrier.

Available profiles:

  • Classic sweet
  • Fruity
  • Nut
  • Spicy & herbal
  • Savoury & meat
  • Alcohol
  • Flower


candy that represenets flavours for candy

Confectionery and Bakery

You can find classic tastes, and fruity tastes in our portfolio to produce candies, gums, and other sweet treats to meet your consumer expectations.

sport nutrition is our main industry target wth flavours

Sport nutrition

These powder flavours are suitable for applications where powder form, heat stability, and instant solubility are required. Flavoured protein powders, nutritional bars, meal replacements, and dietary supplements improve taste and encourage consumption.

savoury picture that represent snack flavours

Savoury and Meat

You can choose from savoury and meat tastes, spicy oils, and oleoresins that are suitable for the production of snack and seasoning mixes, sauces and dips, soups, sausages, and salamis.

dog as a pet food representative

Feed flavours

We supply products to the animal feed industry, that contribute to enhancing palatability, promote consumption, and support animal health. Our diverse range of flavours caters to various animals and products.

flavoured fishing boilies picture


Our products have gained significant popularity in the fishing industry, appealing to both professional and amateur fishermen. Particularly, the liquid flavours have garnered attention for their ability to enhance the scent and taste of the bait.