Our passion is to create and deliver flavours that give consumers a sense of taste and value.

Flavour development is partly a science, partly an art, with an understanding of your preferences, our flavourists are ready to create new flavours so that you, as a manufacturing company, can launch successful products.

  • Classic sweet flavours 
  • Fruit flavours 
  • Nut flavours
  • Spicy & herbal flavours
  • Savoury & meat flavours
  • Alcohol flavours
  • Flower flavours


Confectionery and Bakery

You can find classic flavours, fruity flavours on our portfolio to create tasty products and meet your consumer expectations.


Sport nutrition

These powder flavours are suitable for applications where powder form, heat stability and instant solubility are required. 

Savoury and Meat

You can choose from savoury and meat flavours, spicy oils, oleoresins that are suitable for the production of snack and seasoning mixes, sauces and dips, soups, sausages and salamis.

Animal nutrition and health

You can find fruity flavours or herbal flavour in our feed powder flavours that you can add to the premix to make your product tastier to cow, pig or chicken.


There are many flavours available for bait companies for consumer’s fishing adventures, from sweet flavours to fruit and spice flavours to smelly fish, such as octopus, lobster and crab.