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Savoury and Meat

Flavours for all kinds of savoury products. 

Our portfolio includes both savoury and meat flavours, accompanied by spicy oils and oleoresins. These products have been artfully designed to elevate snack and seasoning mixes, lend character to sauces and dips, infuse warmth into soups, and impart distinction to sausages and salamis. This collection serves as a canvas for your culinary imagination. The utilization of meat flavours in the context of instant soups presents a remarkable opportunity to elevate taste experiences. By infusing these flavours into the soup base, a depth of rich and savoury notes can be achieved, reminiscent of slow-cooked meats and hearty broths.

Complementing this palette, we introduce the innovation of natural vinegar powders. These versatile powders find their niche in applications as a liquid phase is less suitable for achieving optimal results. The spectrum of possibilities broadens further as these natural vinegar powders find their place in the domain of salad dressings. When applied in powder form, and capturing the essence of traditional liquid dressings seamlessly, it delivers the tanginess and vibrancy that palates seek. Beyond dressings, these vinegar powders redefine the realm of flavour enhancement in snack powder creations and spice mixtures, offering a nuanced and spirited twist.

Our dedication to excellence underscores each product’s development and its rigorous testing. Whether your vision encompasses enticing snack mixes, inspired sauces, or imaginative spice blends, our extensive flavour repertoire and natural vinegar powders stand as your resources.

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