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Feed flavours

Poultry, swine and cattle

Feed flavours are usually mixed in powder form with premixes. Feed flavours play a pivotal role in enhancing animal feed palatability and consumption. From irresistible meaty profiles to enticing fruity notes, our flavours are designed to encourage healthy appetites in livestock, poultry, and pets alike.

With our carefully curated flavour portfolio, we aim to support well-being for animals, fostering healthy growth and development. In livestock farming, feed consumption directly impacts growth rates and production efficiency. When animals consume their feed more consistently and in sufficient amounts, they are likely to reach their target weights more quickly, resulting in improved productivity for farmers.

Changes in environment, routine, or health status can lead to stress in animals. During these times, feed flavours can play a role in reducing stress-related feed refusal. By masking any unfamiliar or undesirable odours, flavours can help maintain consistent consumption patterns, supporting overall animal health.

Pet food

We understand that pets are cherished family members, and that’s why we take every step to ensure the highest quality and safety of our flavours. Utilizing meat flavours enhances the taste of pet dry and canned food, making it even more delightful for consumers’ furry companions.

A few years ago, we started producing reaction flavours. This is a Maillard reaction, where the amino acids and reducing sugars combine to form a range of compounds, including furans, pyrazines, and aldehydes. These compounds can contribute to caramelization, browning, and flavour development. Reaction flavours are frequently used in pet food to make it more appealing to pets.

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