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There are many flavours available for bait companies for consumers’ fishing adventures, from sweet flavours to fruit and spice flavours to smelly fish, such as octopus, lobster and crab.

Liquid flavours have garnered attention for their ability to enhance the scent and taste of bait. Anglers can directly apply them to the bait, use them for soaking or marinating, or even spray them in the water.
This versatility allows anglers to tailor their baits to specific fishing conditions and targeted species, increasing their chances of success.

The diverse applications of flavours in fishing products assist anglers in attracting fish, stimulating their feeding response, and ultimately maximizing the likelihood of a fruitful fishing outing.

The most common applications:

  • Boilis: flavours enhanced bait to attract fish.
  • Attractants: liquid flavours increase the bait’s scent and taste.
  • Soft plastic baits: flavours are added to make them more appealing.
  • Liquid sprays: flavoured sprays create a scent trail in the water.
  • Dips and glugs: concentrated flavours enhance bait attractiveness.
  • Particle baits: flavours improve particles like maize and pellets.

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