Animal nutrition & health

Essential oils are used as feed additives in animal health due to their antibacterial, antioxidant, and positive health effects. These have been successfully used as an antibiotic substitutes without residues.

Adapting to price and quality expectations, we recommend oils of different qualities from natural to natural identical versions, taking into account the animal feed legislation

Aromatherapy and wellness

Essential oils are used in its aromatherapy and wellness products as they have a beneficial effect on body and soul due to their stress relieving effect.

Citrus, mint and flower oils help to relax in the sauna or steam bath, so they are used in sauna fragrances and oils.

Essential oils are also used in soaps, scented candles and air fresheners.


Essential oils have always been used as component in many flavours.

Due to their freshness and cooling properties, mint and eucalyptus oils are the basis of fresh tastes and ingredients in oral care and chewing gum products.

Spice oils such as black pepper, coriander, caraway, cinnamon, anise, are the basis of spicy flavours and many other spicy products used by the savoury industry.

Citrus oils are used in all citrus and fruit flavours used in food industry.