Herbal tinctures are liquid herbal extracts, made by steeping fresh or dried herbs and other plant parts in alcohol.

Oleoresins are solvent-free extracts made from all kinds of spices. After extraction, the solvents are evaporated, leaving only the valuable material in an oily product. Due to the extraction method, the oleoresin differs from the essential oils, they also contain the extracted non-volatile components and provide different flavours.

Animal nutrition & health

Herbal tinctures are also used in animal nutrition as appetite and digestion stimulants, for the prevention and treatment of certain pathological conditions. Capsicum oleoresin is used as animal feed additives


Spice oleoresins such as Black pepper, Capsicum, Coriander are mainly used in meat applications to season products like salamis and sausages.

Paprika oleoresin is a natural red colouring. It is available in oil and water-soluble form with a colouring intensity of between 4.000 CU and 100.000 CU (colour units). Colouring jams, marmalades, snacks, sausages and more.

Ethanol-based herbal tinctures can be used in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.