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Sweet flavours for sweet moments: from classic tastes - vanilla, chocolate, etc. - to fruity tastes - berries, citrus, etc. - you can find all you need to make a unique sensation to your product and fulfil consumer's expectations. Our flavours are used in baking applications, in the dough of biscuits and cakes, also in fatty and fruity fillings, in cereal products, as well as in confectionery to flavour chocolate, coffee, candy and more...

Heat stable flavours

Depending on the application and technology, heat stability might be an additional requirement. We offer our flavours with capability to resist heat during the process. 

Spray-dired powder flavours

Fine powder flavour with increased stability and shelf life. Recommended for applications where powder form is needed, heat stability or instant solubility is required. Excellent for producing sport nutrition supplements. 
These instant soluble powder flavours are suitable for sport nutrition producer companies. You can flavour your wheight loss shake, BCAA, whey protein shake, protein bar, instant powder drink with fruit flavours,chocolate flavours,nut flavours. Make your product more enjoyable for your consumer. We produce natrual spray-dried powder flavours as well.  

Vanillin replacer

Completely or partially replace crystal vanillin in sweet applications. Dosage is similar to regular vanillin, with the advantage of being cheaper.

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