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Company has started production of a newly developed spray-dried flavors!

Spray dried products are fine, powdery, smooth grain powder flavours, with very low moisture content (2 - 5%). Because of their specific substrate composition and state of the art drying technology of flavorings does not evaporate, not oxidized, therefore, they have stable shelf life of two years. In use this products instant dissolve in water.

Area of application:

Effervescent tablets 

Food supplements 


Ice creams


Dosage: Depending on area of use 1,0 – 3,0 g/kg

Minimum order quantity: 10 kg

Packaging: triplex film

The following flavors are available in the spray-dried powder flavours:

  • Chocolate
  • Cola
  • Cream
  • Forest fruit
  • Haselnut
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Rhum
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Vanilla
  • White chocolate

According to needs we continually expand our product list.

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FOOD BASE Kft is a 100 % Hungarian owned, dynamically developing company.Main activity of the company is manufacturing and supplying Flavours and Essential oils.On the grounds of extended customer demand we are continuously broadening our product range paying attention to the market up-to-date changes. 

Foodbase Kft. - Innovatív magyar aroma és illióolaj gyártó

In the laboratory, there are the most modern instruments available – e.g. GCMS, HPLC, Spectrophotometer etc. – for quality control and R&D.
Products are flexibly provided in different packing units from 0,5 kg up to 1000 kg upon customer request.
Office and factory are located in the industrial park of Gödöllő – 15 minutes from Budapest – where own warehouse is at service hence customer attendance is continuous and unhampered even at weekends.
Currently Food Base is presented in many industry from meat industry through beauty industry to pharmaceutic industry. Thanks to export activity nearly 50 % of trade is realized on overseas market.


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